Thursday, 1 October 2015

Barbecue Style Marinade....

Ok so this is just a quick post as I've had a special request =)

So in the barbecue style marinade that I make at home I normally use the following ingredients:

Sunflower or olive oil
Tomato ketchup
Soya sauce
Curry powder
Dried / fresh mixed herbs (Some fresh rosemary, thyme and oregano if you have them)
Smoked paprika (if you don't have this normal will do)
Salt (if needed)
Black pepper  
Fresh root ginger grated
Fresh garlic grated/sliced/mashed (however you do it)
Juice of a lime or lemon (if you want you can add the zest)

This is one of those things I do by sight and taste (if that makes sense). I add the ingredients bit by bit taste testing as I go along, the consistency is somewhere between a paste and a thick sauce.

If I'm using this on chicken I'd cut/ slash the skin at least a couple of times and rub in the marinade paste and follow the cooking instructions on the packet or as usual. Keep a eye on the meat when cooking and turn it, as the sugar in the honey can start to burn.  You can cover with foil for part of the cooking time to prevent this if need be.

A variation on this recipe is to leave out the tomato sauce, soy sauce and honey and replace with plain natural yogurt, this works really well with lamb chops.

Enjoy =)