Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Fresh tomato and corriander salad...

I have to admit that I always make my salads by eye, making up the amount that looks right to me at the time.

For this salad I use roughly:

6-8 vine tomatoes (if you can get them)
One Red pepper ( the sweet type that are sometimes called bell peppers)
One yellow pepper
one small red onion
2 cloves of garlic
a generous bunch of fresh coriander leaves
black pepper
virgin olive oil

Remember that you can adapt the amount of ingredients to suit your needs, but this is my basic ratio.

So for this salad I slice the tomatoes into sixths or eighths depending on size, taking out the hard little bit and then dice them. Then slice and dice the peppers into a similar size.

Finely chop the small red onion and crush the garlic.

Once all these ingredients are in your bowl, thoroughly wash the coriander and then chop it or cut it with kitchen scissors and add it.

Now all you have left to do is season to taste using the virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.

Have you ever tryed....

adding green pesto and kalamata olives to mashed potato. My uncle introduced me to this combo when he was over from Australia a couple of years ago and my kids love it. It goes really nicely with oven roasted chicken and a fresh salad. In my home we add milk and butter and a little sea salt to the potatoes once we've drained them and then mash with a large fork. We have the pesto and olives on the dinner table available for use, so that everyone can customize their mash =)