Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Have you tried.......

Have you ever tried putting jam in your cupcakes? Simply half fill one of your cupcake cases, that's been placed in a cupcake tray, with your cake mix and then put a generous dollop of a jam/fruit conserve of your choice and then cover with mix and bake.

Be careful the jam will be very hot, so wait a couple of minutes at least. Maybe cut in half to speed up cooling or add ice cream or cream. Yummy! Or even custard if you want to keep it nice and hot!


Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Easy Fried Noddles.............

Packet noddles are maybe not what most people would think of as the makings of a meal, but with know how they can be! Once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to make it in no time and add your own touch to it! This will feed 2-4 depending on how much they eat and the amount of vegetables used.

I'm only going to give a rough guide to amounts, so here goes:

3 packets of noodles (the type that has a picture of a bowl of cooked noodles on it, serves one)
4 eggs beaten
1-2 onions depending on size and how much you like onions
a couple of handfuls of mushrooms, sliced
1/2 a green pepper sliced, or the whole thing if you like
ideas for extra vegetables to use:

a bunch or few handfuls of fresh spinach
2-3 carrots grated
bean sprouts
broccoli cut into even sized pieces to ensure even cooking
green beans (french beans)
and any other veg you like.

toasted sesame oil
vegetable bouillon or stock cube crumbled
or/and flavoring that comes with noddles, but make sure it does not have any yucky things in it, like mono sodium glutamate!
A little dried ginger powder (for a bit of a kick), sprinkled lightly or freshly grated ginger
Black peper (if wanted)
sunflower oil for cooking
Now for the cooking:

Boil the noddles for a couple of minutes until just slightly under cooked, to check simply pick a noddle out with a fork to taste test just like pasta.

Once cooked drain and rinse with cold water and put to the side.

Now beat your eggs and heat up your wok or frying pan, a deep one is best.

Put a little sunflower oil into your pan/wok and pour in the eggs and cook like an omelet, but then break it up into pieces. when cooked put it to the side in a bowl.

Rinse your pan and heat it up until dry.

Now for the veg, prepare as directed above and heat some oil up in your pan.

If using any hard vegetables like the broccoli add these first to the pan, along with the onions and fry for a couple of minutes. Otherwise add all your vegetables into your pan, accept spinach, grated carrots and bean sprouts and stir for another couple of minutes, adding a splash of soya sauce.
Now add in your eggs and noddles and sprinkle on your dry seasoning bit by bit, taste testing as you go along. You can also add more soya sauce if needed. Remember you can always add more if needed, but by gradually adding the seasoning you can avoid over doing it and making your food too salty!

Next if using spinach, grated carrot or bean sprouts its time to add them in. Keep pushing, stirring and turning the noddles to ensure that they are mixed in with your vegetables and seasoning. When they are heated through, they are ready to eat!

Add a few splashes of toasted sesame oil for extra flavor and serve.


Monday, 23 April 2007

Other ways to eat halloumi........

One refreshing and very summery way to eat halloumi is to simply slice it and eat it with slices of watermelon or any other type of melon, with Greek Cypriot koulouri bread. If you can't get koulouri bread, then you could try it with any other plain type of Mediterranean style bread or fresh bread, just please don't use white packet sliced bread! It's just not the same.

Happy eating!

Have you tried.................

Have you ever tried putting a small piece of cinnamon bark into your tea?
Well if not try it. I was introduced to this by my Greek Cypriot friends and have grown to love it!
Its an easy way to make ya cupa a little more special.

Halloumi and pasta................

Here Is a simple way to eat halloumi with pasta.

You will need:

Dried mint
Cinnamon powder

Simply grate the halloumi on the fine side of the grater, into a bowl. Next add some of the ground cinnamon and dried mint and mix. It's best to gradually add the two and taste test so you get the right balance as this is not a precise recipe.

Cook pasta according to packet guide lines with a little salt. When the pasta is cooked do not throw all of the the water away!

Serve the pasta out into individual bowls, with a little of the water. Then simply add the halloumi mix and stir. Again the mix can be added gradually to taste.

You can eat this as a main meal with some salad or as a side dish with something like roast chicken.

Have you tried......

Have you ever tried eating olives when you have a sore throat?
Believe it or not they can really help, you don't even have to swallow them, simply chew.

Great Granma's Scotch pancakes......

This recipe is based on my great grandmother's pancake recipe.


1-2 eggs
3 level tablespoons of sugar or honey (if using honey, stir in once milk has been added)
3 heaped tablespoons of self raising flour
1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
milk (can use milk that is turning sour)

butter to grease pan

the extras:
ground mixed spice
cinnamon powder
lemon zest
lemon juice
vanilla extract


Simply mix all the dry ingredients together, add the eggs and mix in the milk gradually to get the right consistency. The mix should be on the thick side, not too runny. Then add any vanilla, zest or other extras, leaving lemon juice to last if wanted.

Have your frying pan pre-heated on a lowish heat and lightly grease with butter before pouring or spooning your mix into the pan.

I like to then cover the pan with a lid, frequently checking to see if there are air bubbles forming.
once all the air bubbles have burst leaving clear holes, your pancake is ready to be turned. Let it lightly toast and then its done!

Don't worry if they don't turn out perfect first time, it just takes practice.

My family like eating their pancakes with maple syrup, fresh and tinned fruit or with baked beans.

Happy eating


Eating is something that we all have to do, so we might as well enjoy it! As mother of five I have to cook and in fact enjoy cooking. There is nothing like the smell of cup cakes baking in the oven, waiting to be joined by a cup of earl grey tea and happy children munching on home made goodies!